Klim Sledwear needed a building to match their brand

Steel Vision created a retail space and adjoining warehouse that matched Klim’s unique brand identity and allowed them to continue growing.

Spudnik, an innovative and international company, required additional space for a groundbreaking manufacturing facility

Spudnik’s vision is to provide solutions to make their customer successful with revolutionary innovation, unmatched customer service, and high-quality machines. To assist Spudnik in their goals Steel Vision constructed six new buildings, adding an additional 248,000 square feet to their existing facility to make their vision achievable.

Idaho Farmers Needed Storage Space with Maximum Efficiency

Farmers provide for us, and Steel Vision provides for them with a reliable and efficient storage system to keep their harvest safe.

Electrical Wholesale’s Corporate Office and Hanger show their commitment to the future

With 20 years of building experience and constructing over 60 airplane hangars, Steel Vision excels at providing a customizable hanger for the smallest Cessna to the largest Gulfstream.

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